Journey is coming to Steam on June 11

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Journey is coming to Steam on June 11, just over eight years after it made its debut on PS3 and one year after it arrived on PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

If you still haven't played Journey, this will be the perfect time to give it a shot - and honestly, the less you know going in the more floored you'll probably be. If you've already played before, it will also be a lovely time to go back in for a second (or third or fourth) Journey years later on this new platform. Minor spoiler warning: as an online multiplayer game, seasoned Journey-ers can always go back in and help out neophytes on their first expedition through the desert and up the mountain. Like a Destiny sherpa but with encouraging chirps instead of careful raid boss instructions.

Though Journey is pretty short - an average playthrough takes about two hours - it will stay with you for a while. Our original review from back in 2012 still rings true.

"Journey is long because it’s long-lasting. It’s a game that we will remember for years to come – one whose themes and imagery have already embedded themselves deep in our psyche. We remember, more than anything, how we felt after completing each chapter, and we recall (with fondness, melancholy and joy) our sense of accomplishment at finishing this singular quest. In short, Journey succeeds because it takes so many of the conventions of contemporary games and turns them on their heads."

Thatgamecompany has only put out one new title since Journey, Sky: Children of the Light. Though it's only playable on iOS and Android right now, a Nintendo Switch version is planned to arrive this summer.

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