Jonah Hill becomes The Sitter

Not content with having 21 Jump Street , Get Him To The Greek and Megamind all lined up for the foreseeable future, Jonah Hill has signed on to star in location-jumping comedy The Sitter .

As well as that, original director Jonathan The Wackness Levine has been replaced with David Gordon Green.

Penned by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, the script was nabbed by Fox Atomic back in January 2009 after a hellish studio bidding war.

It follows suspended college student Noah (Hill), who babysits the kids next door. Taking them to a dealer’s house to buy some cocaine for a girl he fancies kicks off a chain reaction of chaos and conviviality.

SlashFilm read a draft of the script last year and say it was “pretty great”, calling it an R-rated version of The Adventures In Babysitting (with a little Superbad thrown in for effect, of course).

Green is currently in production directing horror remake Suspiria , but dabbled with the Apatow comedy stable in 2008 with Pineapple Express .

Mr Hill’s Geek Him To The Greek opens Stateside in June.

Is Hill a bit over the y'know to keep playing these younguns?

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