Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising - great new pics

Impressing the gaming public with graphical greatness isn't such an easy task these days but these latest shots of Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising can't fail to raise an expectant smile.

NovaLogic's team-based online multiplayer answer to Counter-Strike and Battlefield 1942 looks particularly spectacular in the all-out battle shots. Oh, and that's the best kitted-out sniper we've seen. As some of us here at are cowardly campers, we feel a certain affinity with the lonesome rifleman picking off threats from long-range. Plus, it beats the hell out of running into a hail of flying lead.

While you savour the visual delights of NovaLogic's take on online war, do yourself a favour and download a playable demo of . It's around 250MB (including the patch) and up to 32 players on LAN can drive around in the 29 land, sea and air vehicles up for grabs, cause mayhem with 27 different weapons and choose to be any of the five classes available.

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising is scheduled to arrive on PC on 21 May