John Boyega caught a Pikachu on the set of Star Wars 8

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With over 80 million people playing Pokemon Go there was bound to be a few famous faces caught flicking their balls about. And it turns out that John Boyega, has been trying to catch them all. Including a Pikachu on the set of Star Wars 8

Speaking to Techcruch Boyega, who plays Stormtrooper turned Rebel Finn, said "I found a Pikachu at Pinewood Studios while filming Star Wars. I told EVERYBODY. I was the most popular kid on set for like a day".

He's clearly a fan as well, adding, "it’s great the ways technology has brought us all together. It’s a very interesting time. I was in Boston a few days ago and I thought there was like a fight going on, there were so many people crowding… I was like, what’s going on ? Oh, they’re just playing Pokemon".

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