Joel Silver developing Ben 10 movie

Joel Silver has signed on to develop a live-action feature film based on Ben 10.

The Cartoon Network show has consistently high ratings, managing over 4 million viewers for recent live-action TV movie Ben 10: Race Against Time .

Now Matrix producer Joel Silver is hoping to make the series a big screen film franchise.

Ben 10 is the story of Ben Tennyson, a boy who can transform into 10 different alien creatures with the aid of his Omnitrix, a device he wears on his wrist.

Joel Silver said, “I think we have to try something fresh and go at it in a way that stays true to the original material.”

He continued, “I have a 5-year-old and a 9-year-old, so it’s somewhere between them.”

The TV movie was live-action, but will be completely re-cast for the big screen.

The last time Silver aimed for a younger audience, we ended up with Speed Racer - a film that flopped so hard you can still hear the echo.

Still, here's hoping he gets this one right, for the sake of the children.