Jim Carrey's a Yes Man

Blimey… After a dodgy time at both the box office (The Number 23) and the development slate (Used Guys), Jim Carrey’s slate suddenly seems to be piling on again.

He’s just agreed to work with Harry Potter producer David Heyman on a comedy called Yes Man. And if the name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s based on the book by Blighty’s own Danny Wallace.

“It’s about a man who finds himself very depressed, and is always saying no. When friends ask him out, he always says no,” Heyman gushed to MTV. “The film will explore what happens when he decides to say yes to everything that comes his way.” Oh, and it apparently features an element sorely lacking from Carrey’s recent comedic work: “It’s really funny. It’s one of the funniest scripts I’ve read.” The Break Up’s Peyton Reed is directing and for Jim’s sake, we hope Heyman’s right…

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