Jennifer Garner spooked by Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

Jennifer Garner’s busy negotiating to snatch a role in Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, a comedy that has been through something of a trial in development hell.

Matthew McConaughey – it must be McConaughey day in news land or something – has taken the lead role, which in, an ironic twist, used to belong to Garner’s other half, Ben Affleck.

After Disney shoved the project back into turnaround, New Line snapped it up and attached McConaughey alongside director Mark Waters (no stranger to ghost-like figures after Just Like Heaven). It’ll see McConaughey as a womanising bachelor seeing the ghosts of his past and future girlfriends, Scrooge-style, who convince him he should be with his childhood sweetheart (Garner).

Once Waters finishes wrangling goblins and ogres for The Spiderwick Chronicles, he plans to get shooting early next year.