Jed MacKay pulls one last Black Cat job in November Giant-Size special

Giant-Size Black Cat #1
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

As MCU Thor might say, the Marvel Comics versions of the Infinity Stones are in play again, and their fate (for now) will be revealed in November 24's Giant-Size Black Cat #1. This 30-page finale to the 'Infinite Destinies' crossover storyline will also serve as the wrap-up of the current Black Cat ongoing series as well as writer Jed MacKay's time with the character after two ongoing series and a handful of specials. 

Told over a series of annuals in June, July, and August, the 'Infinite Destinies' crossover features various Marvel characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Peter Parker, and Miles Morales getting caught up in making sure the powerful stones don't wind up in the hands of someone like Thanos again.

Who most of them are going to end up with, however, is one of the most unlikely candidates - the Black Cat.

Her possession of half of the Stones is playing out in the current 'Infinity Score' story arc that will wrap up her ongoing series in September's Black Cat #10 and will conclude in November's special by MacKay and series artist CF Villa.

Giant-Size Black Cat #1 by Pepe Larraz.  (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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Marvels calls Giant-Size Black Cat #1 "character redefining" with "huge repercussions for the future of the Marvel Universe," and hints at Thanos entering the picture. 

"'One last job.' It's a powerful phrase," says MacKay in Marvel's announcement, but is he talking about Felicia or himself? 

"Juggling the job, the various cosmically powered misfits she's collected, the shady movers who are after the stones and their hosts for their own reasons, and her own personal problems, Felicia's putting it all on the line for the greatest payoff she can imagine," he continues, clearly referring to the Black Cat. "And when the smoke clears, will the Black Cat have landed on her feet, or will she land herself in jail-- or a grave?"

Calling the two series a "gift," MacKay says he and the artists he's worked with will wrap things up with 25 total issues counting the specials. 

November will also offer a double feature of sorts for fans of MacKay's Black Cat. The character will also co-star in the same month's Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1 by the writer (who also writes the main Death of Doctor Strange series) and artist Marcelo Ferreira. It stars Ben Reilly whom Doctor Strange asks to be New York City's magical protector as part of his last will and testament. 

Giant-Size Black Cat #1 will feature a cover by Pepe Larraz. 

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