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Jaws Unleashed review

Defeat the giant squid! Destroy the oil refinery!


  • The joy of eating everything
  • Rarely boring
  • Dumb-fun objectives


  • Controls like a tank
  • Awful AI
  • Not very much freedom

Cards on the table. This is the most awesome bad game we’ve had in the office in ages. Everything you might want to do as Jaws is here, from bellyflopping lone jet-ski riders to launching yourself onto a beach and thrashing your 30-foot mass towards delicious onshore humans. We didn’t even think it was possible for a game that encourages the devouring of entire pods of dolphins to be bad. Somehow,we were wrong.

More Info

DescriptionTerrorize Amity Island as a giant shark in this free-roaming undersea chomp-fest.
PlatformPS2, PC, Xbox
US censor ratingMature
Release date23 May 2006 (US), 21 July 2006 (UK)