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Jaunt: An Unofficial Guide To The Tomorrow People REVIEW

BOOK REVIEW Power to the people

Jaunt: An Unofficial Guide To The Tomorrow People review.

Seventies TV series The Tomorrow People may have been ITV’s answer to Doctor Who , but in the past four decades it’s won a fraction of the bookshelf space devoted to the Time Lord. This unofficial guide begins to rectify that, honouring “a programme of inconsistent brilliance”.

It’s a thorough, honest overview of the Homo Superior saga, from its origins as a slice of polyester-era high strangeness through to spin-off strips, audio adventures and television revivals. There are season by season dissections, spiced with a little welcome snark – “On a galactic scale, we’re all basically chavs” – and comments from the main players.

Hardcore Peopleoids will devour creator Roger Price’s script for “Mystery Moon”, a tale from the show’s unmade ninth season.

Nick Setchfield

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Nick Setchfield
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