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Japanese PC magazine gives away free pair of panties with every issue, enjoys strong increase in sales

There's an adult-targeted PC magazine in Japan called PC Angel Neo. The latest issue comes complete with a free pair of knickers. I find this promotional item curious. Given that the core readership of PC Angel Neo are not young girls that could make practical use of a pair of stripy pants, I'm supposing that this underwear-themed giveaway item is one of those ungraspable cultural difference things that I don't get about Japan. And never will. Here's the cover of PC Angel Neo:

Above: Apparently, the cover line says 'I give my fresh knickers to you, my servants'

Turns out the marketing trick worked a treat, with issues selling like hot cakes. Hot cakes with a panty filling. No doubt it helped that three different colours of undergarments were on offer, with some completist PC enthusiasts rushing out and buying three copies of the magazine, thus collectingthe tricolour of undies. Gotta snatch 'em all.

Above: At least they're clean

And what does PC Angel Neo suggest its readership do with the free panties? It suggests this: 'you can wear it, put on your head, or wipe your glasses with it. Use is unlimited - depends on your imagination!'

Above: Knickers. On his head

Thanks to theBlazBlue Facebook pagefor bringing this very Japanese story to my attention.

Oct 7, 2010

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