Japan to get new red PS2, blue PSPs & PS Eye

Sony will release a "Cinnabar Red" PlayStation 2, two "Metallic Blue" PSP packs and a PlayStation Eye bundle next month in Japan.

The platform holder will launch the limited edition red PS2 on July 3 at a recommended retail price of 16,000 yen. The light-weight system will feature an in-built AC adapter. In Japan the PS2 is still performing well sales wise - now in its ninth year on the market it regularly runs its successor close in the weekly hardware chart. More than 130 million PS2 units have been snapped up to date worldwide.

Following on July 17, SCEJ will release a "PSP Metallic Blue Value Pack" and a "PSP Metallic Blue 1 Seg Pack." The limited edition handhelds will retail for 23,800 yen and 29,800 yen respectively. The former is billed as a starter pack, and will come with a pouch, hand strap, cloth, a 32MB memory stick and a D Terminal AV cable so users can watch content on their TVs. The latter pack will ship with the same accessories plus a 1 Seg TV tuner and a larger memory stick. In Japan the PSP has regularly dominated the hardware chart over the last few months. The blue PSPs are the same in color as the Madden PSP pack set to debut in the US in August.

On July 24 SCEJ will also release a PlayStation Eye bundle for PS3. Featuring a PS Eye camera and Memoushon, a software pack containing an image and sound editor and a range of casual games, it will retail for 5,000 yen.

Courtesy of Next Gen

Jun 4, 2008