James Bond in "Never Say EA Again"

Activision has been granted the rights to produce video games based on the James Bond license. MGM Interactive and EON Productions (the companies that control the digital Bond) announced a blanket deal with Activision that covers "current and next-generation consoles, PC, and handheld platforms." However, there are no specific announcements about specific consoles, software titles or stories - just the simple fact that Activision will be publishing Bond for the next eight years.

Of course, that's assuming everybody wants to keep that deal going. EA had an exclusive deal that was supposed to last until the end of the decade, but Activision's new deal supercedes that. Fan and critical reaction to EA's Bond games has been mixed at best, so expectations will be high when Activision shows something concrete. That may be at E3; we'll bring back any news.

May 4, 2006