Jackass Q&A

What are the differences between the PSP and the PS2 versions?

Well, multiplayer is one of the differences. The PSP version also supports editing and exporting your replays. Basically, you play a stunt, save the replay, head over to Director mode and edit things like length, camera angles, add slo-mo, then export the stunt to your memory stick. Once it's exported, you can upload the stunt too and show off your mad skills. For the PS2, you'll get more detailed environments, including pedestrians to annoy during the stunts, and we expanded on the Bail-Out feature, where you rack up points based on how many injuries your character sustains.

Was it very difficult to create a game based in a TV series that hasn't got any kind of story or screenplay?

Rigby: Definitely. The story was pretty basic initially, but we got help from the Jackass cast to make it more authentic. It was their input that made the storyline work and their voices that added the credibility and humor to it.

The big appeal of Jackass is the spontaneity. Do you think you have succeeded translating this into a videogame?

Rigby: That was a real pain. In most games success is success, you either accomplished your goals or you didn't. Jackass doesn't work like that. The stunts in the show were just as good whether they accomplished what they set out to do or failed completely. That means that our goals in a stunt had to make sure that an entertaining failure worked just as well as a resounding success.

August 7, 2007