Jackass PS2 shots rupture our spleen

We've known about the existence of a Jackass tie-in since last May, but it wasn't until earlier in the year that we got first images ofhow the game would look on PSP.

Now we've scored first images of the game on PS2 and - no surprises - it looks much the same, except no longer in slightly lower res widescreen format.

The premise of the game sounds simple, much like its protagonists. You take part as one of the troupe of modern day circus freaks as they attempt to inflict as much pain and injury on themselves as possible - especially if it involves genital mutilation. There's 30 mini-games in total, each focusing on a different flavor of humiliation - human dartboards, extreme unicycling, shopping trolley racing and golf buggy racing being some of the less degrading of the pursuits on offer.

Getting injured is positively encouraged, with internal bleeding, compound fractures and bruised balls all upping your high scores - you can even share the agony in the PSP version by saving your exploits and then uploading them to a dedicated Jackass community area for others to view and wince at.

If we're being perfectly honest, we're not exactly expecting this to be a premium title, but at the right price it could be quite funny - much like the show, really. In fact, Johnny Knoxville has been quoted as having less than high hopes for the game: "We just hope that our video game is as crappy as our movies," hetold Reuters last week. Check out the screens for yourself by clicking on the Images tab above.

June 7, 2007