Jackass kicks you in the nuts

Some of us here like Jackass. There%26rsquo;s nothing like watching a man take a leech to the eye or drive through a city with a baby carriage on his car. Today we bring the love and shower you (cleanly) with new screens from the upcoming PSP game. Jackass will be a collection of minigames based on stunts from the show. There%26rsquo;ll be upwards of 40 in the final game, including golf kart bang-em-ups, rolling Steve-O down a hill inside a bin and all the usual dangerous capers.

Above: Didn't they tell us not toattempt any of the "stunts"seen onthe program?

Hit the Images tab for new screens. Will this be a laugh? Probably. Will it also be a little crappy? Ooh look, a staple gun.

January 22, 2007