It's not wrong to use time travel to fix a bad relationship, is it? Find out in the Vertigo-esque GILT

GILT #1 excerpt
GILT #1 excerpt (Image credit: AHOY Comics)

Vertigo editor-turned-prose-novelist Alisa Kwitney is returning to the world of comics with a decidedly Vertigo-esque series called GILT with artist Alain Mauricet.

GILT #1 main cover (Image credit: AHOY Comics)

GILT stands for the 'Guild of Independent Lady Temporalists,' and as the name implies they are a group of female time-travelers. These women have a bond, and a promise to one another - you can't alter the past without approval from the other members of GILT.

The two most prominent members of GILT are Hildy and Trista. Hildy is a bawdy 70-something chain smoker who owns an apartment on the Upper West Side with a unique feature not on the Zillow listing - a backdoor portal to 1973.

Trista is new to the GILT group, and joins after a career as a home health care aide.

"Trista belongs to the Bill Murray school of minimal effort and jaded one-liners," Kwitney tells Newsarama, "but she’s about to meet her match."

That "match" is Hildy going rogue.

"Because when Hildy takes her last chance to slip through the time portal so she can change her past, she accidentally brings Trista along with her," Kwitney explains. "But as the old saying goes, there are no accidents in time travel, and this is not the first time Hildy and Trista have crossed paths. Now they’ve got to resolve their past issues before they screw up everybody’s future."

Check out this preview of GILT #1, along with a variant cover by Jill Thompson:

GILT #1 (of 5) goes on sale on April 6.

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