It's been nine years and everyone still hates Final Fantasy 14's housing lottery

Final Fantasy 14
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A new Final Fantasy 14 housing lottery has come and gone, and no one is pleased, as usual.

Over the past week or so, Final Fantasy 14 opened up brand new housing plots for players to attempt to purchase. As it's a lottery system that governs whether players obtain a housing plot or not, it's all down to the luck of the draw, and plenty of players are incredibly dissatisfied with the results.

The Final Fantasy 14 subreddit post just below paints a rather succinct picture of the matter at hand. This player believes new housing plots and the restarted automatic demolition just aren't cutting it, mainly because no one ever really leaves Square Enix's MMO, and so new housing plots barely ever open up.

Elsewhere, Twitch streamer Zepla argues that Final Fantasy 14 players shouldn't be allowed to own multiple housing plots on one account. One commenter underneath the tweet theorizes that Square Enix could limit properties to one per character, but then rationalizes that some Final Fantasy 14 players are dedicated enough to create a second character just for another house.

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Next, it's YouTuber SleepyRaijin's turn to rail against the whole thing. This is definitely more of a rant-style video, but the YouTuber does point to players moving housing plots as being unfair to those that are bidding on a plot in an attempt to get their first property. After sitting at a bidding site for hours, you can see where they're coming from.

No one is happy about Final Fantasy 14's housing situation, but that's hardly new. It seems the renewal of automatic housing demolition, which was commenced earlier this month with patch 6.3, has basically done nothing to remedy players that are bitter from repeatedly missing their chance at a housing plot.

This doesn't help matters off the back of an issue last week, where the Final Fantasy 14 community largely decreed the Sage and Dancer Jobs useless in the new Omega Ultimate Raid, thanks to what might be an oversight by developers at Square Enix with buffs and debuffs. 

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