Final Fantasy 14's latest Ultimate Raid has players in shambles

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix)

A potential Final Fantasy 14 development team oversight might be ruining a new raid.

Earlier this week, the Omega Ultimate raid was released in Final Fantasy 14 with patch 6.31. Now, some players think the raid could be partially ruined because of the debuffs it hands out to Dancer and Sage-class players, meaning they're effectively rendered useless on this particular outing.

As the commenters underneath the Reddit post above discuss, it isn't that out of the ordinary for MMOs to have a buff or debuff cap for raiding parties. However, what is odd in the Omega Ultimate is that buffs and debuffs are being counted together at once under the same limit.

Because of this, it appears that raiding parties with Dancers and Sages among them are struggling in the 'DPS check' part of the Omega Ultimate Raid. Some top raiding parties are even ditching the two classes entirely from the raid, putting some at a big disadvantage.

Considering the Dancer Job, in particular, is one of the more popular classes in Final Fantasy 14, and the Sage is one of the relatively few Healer classes available, this is a big deal for Final Fantasy 14 raiders. The Omega Ultimate seems to be going down as one of the most brutal raids in Final Fantasy 14, for now.

What's probably going to happen is one of two things: either Square Enix will step in and fix the issue in the coming days, or Omega Ultimate parties will plough ahead without the Dancer and Sage. Given that some high-profile players have already cleared Omega Ultimate's phase two (opens in new tab), we could see a full clear by the end of the coming weekend. 

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