It's All Gone Pete Tong review

Ibiza DJ Frankie Wilde (Paul Kaye) lives it large on the party island - - snorting his own body weight in charlie for breakfast, bonking his Posh-lookalike trophy wife and raking in the cash with messianic sets. But his hedonistic life takes a tumble when he goes deaf and the great DJ slips into a lachrymose funk. Deserted by his parasitical manager and hangers-on, what will become of a man whose entire existence depends on hearing?

Essentially a mockumentary redemption story, writer/director Michael Fubar Dowse keeps it schmaltz-free, concentrating instead on bitter laughs, sharp observation and a thumping soundtrack. Then there's Kaye's winningly sympathetic portrayal of a clubland knob: his inventive suicide attempt and fight with a Donnie Darko-esque `cocaine fairy badger' make Pete Tong worth catching, even if the rest of the film is insubstantial and cartoony.

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