It's a Super Monkey Adventure!

We've got brand new images of Sega's latest Monkey Ball game, Super Monkey Ball Adventure, which releases everyone's favorite encapsulated apes into the wild this summer.

A tale of eloping chimps, feuding kingdoms and the joy-sucking naysayers, Super Monkey Ball Adventure rolls the entire Monkey Ball gang - that's Aiai, Meemee, Gongon and Baby - into new platforming territory.

Solving quests, undertaking traditional 'puzzle tray' challenges and helping a bunch of new friends, the simian heroes must reunite two factions and bring peace back to the jungle world.

With 50 new puzzle trays, six party games and a collection of abilities to learn - including sticky, hovering, and invisible balls - we're confident Super Monkey Ball Adventure will be more than just an uninspiredplatform version of the classic puzzle game. Watch this webspace.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure will be released in the summer for PSP, PS2 and Gamecube