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This is it. This is the worst news story about video games ever

Where to even start. Is it the headline of CNN's story (opens in new tab)? "Video games aren't just for antisocial nerds!" is quite the way to alienate the entire audience of the thing you're actually saying makes a ton of money. Then there's the opening line: "If you think that the only people who play video games are a bunch of underemployed loners sitting in their parents' basement, think again." Jesus.

However, skip past all that then you get the video, which talks exclusively about Microsoft and Xbox as if it is the video game industry. There's no mention of Sony or PlayStation, which by Xbox's Phil Spencer's own admission (opens in new tab), is beating the hell out of MS right now. The man being interviewed, former Xbox boss Robbie Bach, does have a book to sell though, so that might explain the focus and the oddly vacuous list filling the space underneath.

You could just brush it off as some dusty old desk journo who doesn't know what he's talking about, uninterestedly knocking out a companion piece to accompany the clip from CNN's show - the writing is little more than a perfunctory list of bullet points. But you'd think someone somewhere along the line would have thought, 'Gee, this massively offensive to everyone involved in what appears to be a billion dollar industry'.

And it's not just the gamers getting bad mouthed here, its all the developers and other skilled professionals that earn a living apparently indulging "antisocial underemployed loners". I can't see any other industry getting treated a similar way. Football isn't just for loutish alpha-bros? Make up isn't just for ugly people? Nope, I can't think of anything else you could apply that headline template to without it being massively insulting.

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Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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