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The Mark of Kri

Rau Utu and Kuzo: The background
Rau, a beefy Polynesian warrior, and Kuzo, a black bird with red-tipped wings, have been together a long time, although their exact history isn't known. All that is revealed is that Kuzo, who is Rau's spirit guide, is an 'old bird' that has always been around, watching out for Utu's family. Like the proverbial bird's of a feather, Rau and Kuzo stick together as they set out to vanquish an encroaching force of darkness that is creeping over their homeland.

And the star of the show is?
Unquestionably, it's the surprisingly barbaric Rau who, despite his cartoon-styled appearance isn't shy of impaling, dismembering and decapitating his unfortunate foes with devastating brutality. However, while carrion gobbler Kuzo might lack a murderous, raging machismo, he has a few tricks tucked neatly under his wing and his avian aloofness gives him the air of a real bad-ass mutha feather.

So this is a mutually beneficial relationship, right...?
Not really. Kuzo acts as Rau's scout, obediently flying to opportune perches where Rau can use his feathery spirit guide's vision to plan his next move. And because Kuzo is a wise old bird, he can also translate ancient languages for Rau. We know Kuzo is Rau's spirit guide and is, therefore, duty bound to serve and protect, but surely the odd cuttlefish bone to show a bit of appreciation wouldn't go amiss?

Arbitrary true friend rating: 6/10
The strong bond that exists between Rau and Kuzo seems to have more to do with some otherworldly spiritual connection as opposed to any kind of real, heartfelt affection. But while they might not be big on hugs, these two are definitely closer than a couple of fat old battery hens.

Matt Cundy
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