Is Redfall multiplayer? Yes, but there are caveats

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There's one question everyone is asking today and that's:  Is Redfall multiplayer? Well, co-op friends, I have good news for you. Yes, Redfall multiplayer is a thing, and in fact, a lot of the game's skill trees are focused on you playing with pals. Redfall supports up to four people playing at once, but you can also play it solo if you prefer.

There are four playable characters to choose from, and thankfully you can have your squad as a mix of any of those four characters. I say thankfully because once you've chosen your character, you can't choose another one unless you start the game over again. 

However, in Redfall only the host will get mission progression. Anyone joining their game will get XP, skill points, weapons, and other progression elements, but you will have to repeat story missions back in your own game. It's also worth noting that it's impossible to repeat story missions and side quests, so if you're joining someone later on in the game you'll most likely be taking on the Vampire Nests as the core repeatable mission type. Whatever you get up to you''l have to know how to clear red mist in Redfall to proceed. 

How to play multiplayer in Redfall

If you do want to play Redfall multiplayer, you'll need to do this from the title screen. Choose the "Host Game" option and then invite your friends (either from Xbox or PC)  into your game. It's not drop in co-op, so if you want to add players while playing solo, you will have quit to the title screen.

When they want to leave, it's just a case of them quitting out to the title screen themselves.

Is Redfall splitscreen?

No, Redfall doesn't have splitscreen support. It's online co-op only. 

Is Redfall crossplay?

Yes, Redfall supports crossplay between gamers on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. It's just a case of inviting your friends from any platform from the "friends" menu in the 'Host Game' screen.

Our Redfall review is here and Arkane's first multiplayer game isn't quite what we hoped for.

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