Iron Man review

A superhero game that's more than a little rusty

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The plot is decent enough, however, and the voice acting passable, although the script repeats itself throughout each level. So every time you restart, you have to hear the same old advice, one-liners and even telephone conversations again. The cut-scenes appear pre-rendered, yet oddly feature pop-up and re-draw, so it looks nothing like the movie. Also, the FMV camera has a habit of switching, at every opportunity, to whichever angle lets you best see down comic book pin-up Pepper Potts's top, even if that means watching a conversation from the ceiling. Whose idea was this? It’s not sexy or even in comic book style - it just feels a bit embarrassing.

What can we praise? Well, reducing the sensitivity of the camera, prevents said camera from auto-locking onto every single enemy immediately. This makes Iron Man playable-ish. You can’t calibrate the flight sensitivity, though, so flying is jerktastic. But when you do manage to carefully soar through skyscrapers in the sun, it can look very impressive, with huge draw distances and a reasonably stable framerate. But Iron Man is so jerky to control, he’s totally without grace. Much like the game as a whole, in fact.

May 2, 2008

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DescriptionTony Stark's supertech piece of armor blasts onto the next-gen scene in time for the 2008 movie.
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