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Iron Man 2 still number one

Iron Man 2 refused to be intimidated by the double-pronged attack of Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe’s opening Robin Hood this weekend, crushing the medieval action flick with its polished heel.

For its second week in a row, the comic book sequel remained top at the box office, taking a further $53m in receipts – totalling its box office haul to an impressive $212m. Director Jon Favreau certainly seems happy, last night Tweeting "Thanks for making us #1 two weeks in a row! "

In comparison, Robin Hood ’s not-bad $37m looked pitiful – unless you judge it against number three opener Letters To Juliet , which shook $13m free from cinema-goers this weekend.

Meanwhile, Just Wright opened in fourth place with $8.5m, while How To Train Your Dragon refused to let go of the top five with a further money-grab of $5.1m.

Freddy Krueger's new Nightmare dropped four places down to sixth with a meagre $4.7m (and an underwhelming total of just $56m), while Date Night slipped to seventh with an even $4m, proving itself to be an almost immovable cinema favourite.

The "meh!" bottom end of the top ten ended with J-Lo’s Back-Up Plan going from fifth to eighth with $2.4m (nearly half what it took last week), while Furry Vengeance and Clash Of The Titans rounded things out with $2.3m and $1.2m respectively.

Incoming this Friday are Prince Of Persia (middling reviews, mass appeal) Bad Lieutenant (great reviews, minimal appeal), and Sex And The City 2 (okay reviews, needs a face peel). Will any of them trump Iron Man 2 ?

Give us your reviews for films you saw this weekend below...