iPhone game of the day: Zombie Flick

Game: Zombie Flick
Price: Free at press time
Size: 38.4MB
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Time for another iPhone game featuring zombies. You can't move for undead-themed games on iTunes, and quite a few of them are really good. That's why Zombie Flick is worth mentioning -- it takes a lot to stand out among all the other great zombie games, and this is most assuredly among the best.

Zombie Flick is a wave-based game in which players have to fight back oncoming hordes of zombies with a variety of objects including soup cans, VHS tapes, bricks, wrenches and bananas. Flicking one's finger across the desired target sends the object flying in their direction, popping heads and shredding limbs.

The zombies pour in from all sides and come in several flavors, including helmeted zombies that require two headshots, running zombies, and oversized boss zombies that throw things directly at the player. Once all four sides are filled with zombies, it can become a rather intense and stressful experience, but a lot of fun all the same.

Points are racked up with headshots, direct hits, and combos. Daring players can also flick their finger sideways in order to curve throws and deal more damage to whole clusters of zombies. Successfully decapitating an entire row of the undead is immensely satisfying.

The game looks good and has a really nice "old movie" aesthetic not dissimilar to The House of the Dead: Overkill. There's loads of over the top gore and some really good variety in the zombie designs.

Zombie Flick is a terrific game and one of the top zombie-themed iPhone games out there at the moment. Plus it's currently free for a limited time so you'd have to be a moron to pass it up!

Sep 14, 2010