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iPhone Game of the Day: Tilt to Live

Game:Tilt to Live
Price: %26pound;1.19
Size: 11.9MB

Buy Tilt to Live from iTunes here.

Do you want to live, you son of a bitch? Then tilt! Tilt to your heart bursts and your back breaks. Or, y'know, just move your iPhone from side to side a bit to avoid a bunch of red dots in this straightforward, addictive shooter.

Above: Fly into the purple icons to unleash these massive bursts of dot-destroying energy

As premises go, it's pretty dang simple. You're a flying arrow. You move said arrow by tilting your iPhone in the direction you want it to move. There's a bunch of evil dots that want you dead like Friday night mass. Don't get hit by them and your points go up. D'uh, we explain game good.

There's also a slightly tougher Gauntlet mode where you have to avoid shapes while collecting green orbs to keep a timer ticking. As the shapes get more complex, nabbing yourself some orbs becomes increasingly treacherous.

Avoid: Navigate through the shapes to collect the orbs

Colourful, and perfect for a quick thirty seconds play here and there, there are worse things you could do with a couple of quid. Like chuck it down the drain or buy a slightly off egg sandwich.

July 21, 2010