iPhone game of the day: Super Mega Worm

Game: Super Mega Worm
Price: $0.99
Size: 10.2MB
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I'm sure we've all watched the movie Tremors at some point in our lives and wondered how awesome it would be if we were gigantic, hideous, perpetually hungry subterranean invertebrates Hell-bent on consuming the flesh of the living forevermore. Now that dream (admit you've had it!) can be realized thanks to Super Mega Worm.

Super Mega Worm casts you in the role of a worm. A worm that is super. And rather mega to boot. Using a virtual D-Pad to control the direction of its underground burrowing, you get to harness the power of a hungry annelida, commanding it to launch from out of the ground and swallow up unsuspecting prey. At first, there's very little challenge, but once you get the ability to spit acid and find yourself avoiding helicopters, mines and vengeful rednecks, it all gets rather interesting.

Most of your time is spent simply steering the worm around, but it's incredibly satisfying to lunge from the earth, gulp down a screaming human, and then burrow back into the ground. It feels as good as the jumps in Ecco the Dolphin, but with a far more blood-drenched payoff. Making sure to keep eating in order to maintain health while also going for vehicles and underground crystals and netting bonus points makes for some surprisingly compelling play, despite the simplicity.

All that, and it's wrapped in a delicious retro package with visuals that ought to appeal to any NES-head. It's a fun little title and it costs a pittance, so you'd do well to check it out.

Nov 12, 2010