iPhone Game of the Day: Streets of Rage

Game: Streets of Rage
Price: £0.59p/$0.99c (For a limited time only)
Size: 2.8MB

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Pop those rose-tinted glasses on people, it's time for a trip down memory lane with one of Sega's all time classics.The 16-bit beat 'em-up, Streets of Rage, hits iPhone and packs the same punchas itever did on theMegadrive/Genesis with Axel, Blaze and the gone-after-the-original-for-reasons-unknown Adam cleaning upthe streets - one identical enemy at a time.

We remember it for introducing us to really meaty contact soundeffects as you land with aflying kick or an uppercut. Sadly, they nowsound like someone punching a cardboard box a bit. But thankfully, every other excellentaspect of this side-scroller remains intact and the virtual control pad makes for a remarkablyslick experience too.

Above: Axel's twattedby the ginger triplets as kung-fu guy watches on

For the uninitiated, Streets of Rageinvolves smashing your way through hordes of enemies until the end of level boss, usually a big bastard brandishing a boomerang or the like. You can call in the police force as a sort of smart bomb and they'll screech into the action and fire a bazooka full of napalm to singe your foes. Scorchio!

We remember paying £40 for this back in the day, and to think that it's only 59p (for a limited time only) for a carbon copy of the fun and mindless violence makes us incredibly happy to get involved again. Even if we have seen it on millions of Sega Collectionsall ready.

Above: You can change the view so the on-screen buttons interfere less

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