iPhone Game of the Day: Peggle

You're helped in your peg-whacking pursuits byten differentcharacters - or PeggleMastersas they're known here.Each one of them has a special skill, activated by hitting the green pegs on screen,so Master Hu (an owl) has the Zen ball, which calculates adjustments to automatically make you score more points than where you just aimed. Or Tula (a sunflower) who takes out 20% of the remaining orange pegs on a stage. As youbang through the adventure mode you'll need to learn which one's are best for which stage.

Above: There's no greater feeling than nailing loads of pegs at once

It's the combination ofadorable characters, exciting sounds when you hit loads of pegs in one goand the obsessive nature of achievinghigh-scores that makes Peggle perfect for iPhone/Touch.It's alsopacked withenough modes and challengesto keep you going for months.

28th May 2010

Nathan Irvine
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