iPhone Game of the Day: Mafia Wars

Game: Mafia Wars
Price: Free
Size: 7.5MB

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Stat-heavy, micromanagement games shouldn't be this addictive. But Mafia Wars is, and then some. This dark mobster simulation is from Zynga, the same team thatbrought you Facebook's biggest games including Farmville and, erm, Mafia Wars, albeit a more in-depth version there.

But on iPhone it excels as it puts you in the shoes of young upstart trying to be the biggest bad-ass in the crime-kingdom.

Above: Complete jobs to improve your XP and buy new weapons for fighting

You choose what areas to specialise in as you go. You can either be a tycoon and buy up tons of property with the cash you earn per houror a balls out mad-man who simply murders people for theirmoney.

There are weapons to buy that range from chain-guns to granny's dentures (no lie) that increase your attack skills in battle or maybe purchase a grey wolf tobeef upyour defence skills.You could, however,give the armoury a miss and buy property like hotels or office buildings to increase your income and overall reputation.

Above: The list of onlinetargets to go up against refreshes frequently

Although it's not the prettiest game, Mafia Warswill keep you hooked in your pursuit for theultimate glory of being the richest or baddest mobster around. It's frequently updated with new items to win, andtons of jobs to bang through and raise your XP level.For what is essentially a number-crunchinggame it's certainly more-ish and isthe longest standing game we've had on our iPhone to date.

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