Insane Super Mario World glitch video helps explain advanced exploits

You may think you're pretty good at gaming, you can get headshots, you can make it through a level without getting hit, you can make the hardest jumps with ease. But the fact of the matter is that you're not as good as this guy, and you never will be. He's so good he has to make his own impossible glitch exploit Super Mario levels to beat. In fact, he's so good that this video of him playing made Chuck Norris blink.

The video features a collection of almost every known Super Mario glitch and item exploit, most of which are news to 99% of all Super Mario players. The coolest part though is that the video actually features annotated commentary from the player, explaining each and every glitch, how they work,andwhat you have to do to make them happen. To be fair, the video is tool assisted, but it still takes a titanic level of skill and patience to pull something like this off.

Even with the commentary we doubt we've got the skill to hold two items at once while bouncing off of a saw blade and walking on lava with Yoshi. If nothing else, this video is a testament to the fact thatdespite being nearly 20years old, Super Mario World still has a devoted group of players who've pushedthe gameto its absolute limits.

Aug 19, 2010

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