Infinite Crisis is a DC Comics MOBA

Warner Bros. Interactive will add another licensed multiplayer online battle arena to its ranks in 2013, but this one has Batmen. Infinite Crisis stars the familiar cast of DC Comics superheroes and villains, as well as their various trans-dimensional counterparts.

For example, the free-to-play game will star both Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Batman: the former a vampiric assassin from the Nightmare universe, and the latter an inventor and marksman from the steampunk Gaslight universe. Other DC characters like the Joker, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman appear in their own diverse dimensional forms.

Designated support characters, gankers, tanks, and their skill sets look pretty typical, but the titular Crisis could change up the flow of battle with shifting maps and unexpected environmental hazards.

We were pleasantly surprised by Guardians of Middle-earth, WB's other MOBA conversion by developer Monolith, so we have high hopes for Turbine's shot at the emerging genre. Infinite Crisis has only been announced for PC so far.

Connor Sheridan

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