Infernal - hands-on

We had mixed feelings about third-personactioner Infernal' s somewhat derivative plot in our lastpreview. You'll be taking control of Ryan Lennox - a former intelligence agent of God's army who has switched sides to do the devil's dirty work - as heaven and hell clash for world domination. But after getting in some play time with the latest preview build of Infernal, we have to admit that in terms of graphics, this game looks hot.

Above: This enemy tried to light us up with his flamethrower. Fortunately, we were able to take him down and liberated this hot weapon from his cold dead hands.

Infernal's smoldering visuals will offer tons of pyromaniac pron for your eyes to feast on. We were particularly impressed with the fluid motion of the fire from the flamethrower as flames licked and danced off surfaces and enemies.

Infernal feels like a mix between Resident Evil 4 - with an over the shoulder camera - and Max Payne - with lots of dodging and fast-paced gun slinging. Although there are stealth elements in the game which cater to the silent, sneaky type, we found ourselves kicking down doors and diving into rooms with our guns blazing for the most part.