InFamous hero Cole is back to his old self. Now we miss the new one

Infamy, infamy. They all had it in for... him. So much furore surrounded the redesign of InFamous' lead character Cole MacGrath, Sucker Punch has caved and taken him back to the drawing board... and emerged with the old version. D'oh. Alright then, let's see what's changed. Here's the first Cole, as seen in the game:

Now here's the old new Cole from InFamous 2's first trailer:

And finally, new new Cole, revealed at Gamescom.

Firstly, it seems a bit daft that so many people care about what is essentially 'generic man'. Sure, he looked a little like Niko Bellic in that first shot but he was hardly... well, Niko Bellic, was he?

Secondly, was the redesigned version really so bad? He looks more youthful, more ready for anything. More the kind of chap you wouldn't mind dating your sister. You know, he'll take her for a ride on his motorbike and probably go a bit fast, but you know he'll bring her back safely.

But thanks to everyone who whined, he's gone now. I hope they're all happy. Poor chap almost starred in a videogame. Now look at him.Take a long, hard look at that face. You'll never see it again. Yeah, you did that. Bastard.

18 Aug, 2010

Justin Towell

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