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Indies may not be able to self-publish on Xbox One

One of the greatest challenges for independent developers is just getting their game out there. Sony and Nintendo have lowered the barrier to entry on their consoles through self-publishing solutions for their digital marketplaces. Microsoft has revealed no plans to follow suit with Xbox One.

Developers still must partner with a publisher to get content onto Xbox Live, Shacknews heard from Matt Booty, general manager of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms.

"We intend to continue to court developers in the ways that we have," Booty said.

That means indies will have to partner up with either Microsoft Game Studios or an external publisher to get their games online--with all the contracts and other business arrangements that necessitates.

This could change, of course; Microsoft's already retracted two separate comments from VP Phil Harrison about Xbox One, so some kinks are left to work out.

Microsoft didn't directly address self-publishing in a response to Game Front, but said it would share more details later.

"Xbox One is a platform that allows all creators, including those who work on games and apps, regardless of team size, funding, business model, etc. to take advantage of unique capabilities to build amazing experiences that push the limits of technology," Microsoft's statement said.

Duke Nukem co-creator and outspoken developer advocate George Broussard tweeted his displeasure with the apparent lack of self-publishing options, saying it would dissuade indies from supporting the system.

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