Indie Royale auction lets generous buyers control the price

A new indie bundle promotion has appeared on the PC scene. Going by the name Indie Royale, the promotion is raising funds for smaller studios by offering four lesser known titles for a set price that can be raised or lowered depending on players' spending habits.

The program was launched as a joint project between gaming site and the download portal Desura. It's first offering, the Launch Bundle, is available now and includes A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda, a robotic side-scroller from Extend Interactive; Gemini Rue, an old-school Lucas Arts-esque adventure game from Wadjet Eye Games; Sanctum, an FPS tower defense title from Coffee Stain Studios; and Nimbus, a hybrid puzzler racer from Noumenon Games.

Presently, the price of all four indie titles is just north of five bucks. However, that base price is reduced every time someone buys the bundle for more than the minimum. Those who do 'beat the minimum' earn cost-reducing stars for their generosity, as well as recognition on the main page for their part in driving down the cost for other players.

This is the first of many planned Indie Royale bundles, which are scheduled to debut every two weeks. At time of print, the Launch Bundle has sold nearly 24,000 units and has four days left on the auction block. Your money may not being going to charity as with the Humble Indie Bundles, but you can help put food in the mouth of a starving indie developer...or beer. Likely beer.

Learn how it all works, and how being first in line for future bundles can save you cash, at the official site.

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