Indie game set inside vaginas ends "Are games art?" debate once and for all

I don’t know much about art, but there’s certainlybeen a ridiculous amount of talk as to whether gaming falls into it. What little I do know on the ridiculous subject stems entirely from the freshman art shows I endured in college. And the one thing you can always expect there,it’s that 95% of the pieces on display will feature at least one vagina. Is it Art? Yes. How do I know? Because it said so on the sign, rightunder “Free Wine.” Therefore, a game involving vaginas must also be Art. Sorry... I don’t make the rules, Siskel.

Lube up forPrivates, kiddies! Indy dev Zombie Cow andChannel 4are bringing you a downloadable twin-stick shooter that stars reservoir-tipped mercenaries, who blast away at sperm and VD through five levels of vaginas and assholes. Obviously, you’re looking at a very tongue in ass cheek production, so expect plenty charisma, potty humor and unquestionable artistic merit when Privates hits PC and 360 this summer.

It’s probably a safe bet Games “LOLdicks” Radar will keep you posted on any new screens, trailers, or Georgia O’Keefe DLC that come out of Privates, as long as the latest, incredibly serious symposium on “Art and The Amazing Technicolor Fire Sword” and its panel of today’s leading Gamez Journalologists deem it ethically responsible.

Until then, prepare yourself with a video we made, entitledGame Levels That Look Like Anuses!

May 11, 2010

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