In a flap again

Bloody Ashton Kutcher has been using his special headachey time-travel ability to warp back in time and change the future so we all forget that the first Butterfly Effect wasn’t very good. At all.

Either that or, the fact that it was a surprising success on DVD. But it’s not every film that Total Film describes as “The Showgirls of psycho-thrillers” that goes on to not only generate a sequel, but actually merits a TV spin-off too.

First things first. The Ashton-free sequel will star Erica Durrance and Eric Lively in the film, to be produced again by New Line. In fact, none of the original cast, which included Amy Smart and Ethan Suplee, will return. This time around we’ll again follow a character who learns that changing their past events can have unforeseen consequences in the present. John Leonetti is calling the shots, from a script by Michael Weiss.

Meanwhile, over in TV-land, the American Sci Fi Channel is hard at work on a show based on the same concept, but this time taking up the slack on the story of Evan, played in the film by Kutcher. Mr Demi isn’t returning to his TV roots for the series, but there’s been no announcement on who will play the character.

Sci Fi programming bod Mark Stern blabbed to Variety: “We loved the premise of a normal guy who suddenly gains the ability to go back in time and change his - and other people's - destiny," Stern said. "And, as the film showed, there's a cost for these changes. They don't always work out as you expect."