In a community-wide RPG scavenger hunt, Baldur's Gate 3 players share the things they're convinced most people have missed

Baldur's Gate 3
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The Baldur's Gate 3 community has shared the quests, dialogue, and hidden details that they reckon most players have missed in the mammoth roleplaying game.

"What's something hidden you are certain 95% of people miss?" a recent post asks on the game's main subreddit. "Could be an item, stash, detail, lore bit… anything that's obscure and hidden that most people are never gonna notice," it continues. "My pick is the stool at the top of the Arcane Tower in the underdark. It's a stool of hill giant strength and you can break it to get a club of hill giant strength (one of the stool's legs.)"

Baldur's Gate 3 is almost impossibly large, with branching quests that often mean certain possibilities will close up in your playthrough depending on your choices. As such, skippable content is probably more common than anything else in the game and the community has a lot to choose from. 

"Not sure if it's romance specific," another Redditor writes, "but Tav and Lae'zel raising their githyanki son together. If you put the githyanki egg in Lae'zel's inventory and leave it the whole game, you can ask about how he's doing during the epilogue party. This little detail made me extremely happy. Lae'zel even comments that she was forced to be a warrior, but their son can be whatever he wishes to be. Just shows how far Lae'zel has come since you met her."

Another player points out that "most people don’t use soul coins, so most people haven't had the scene with Karlach juggling a soul like a soccer ball or talked with her about her addiction to consuming souls." I definitely have not seen that, but it's shooting to the top of my To-Watch list right now.

A final hidden detail I loved hearing about is a "little shrine with drawings and a letter that a goblin wrote because they have a crush on Minthara." Don't panic! Your secret stash hasn't been uncovered. This shrine is instead "just outside the temple walls" at the goblin camp.

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