This movie connections quiz will seriously put your Hollywood knowledge to the test

Christian Bale in Little Women
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Immaculate grids are the hottest new trend in quizzes – and now there’s a movie edition to test your Hollywood knowledge.

Set on a 3x3 square, you’re given six categories in the Crossover Grid. As of writing, they’re the actors Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Steve Carell, and Russell Crowe, plus movies with a <50% score on Rotten Tomatoes and Best Picture nominees. 

From there, you have to name a movie that shares a common element in the intersecting squares. For example: which movies have both Christian Bale and Russell Crowe been in? (Thor: Love and Thunder – you can have that one for free).

Crossover grid for movies

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Easy, right? Maybe not. The killer – you can’t get a single answer wrong. You also can’t use the same movie across multiple squares. Sorry to those who wanted to use The Big Short.

Full disclosure: I didn’t get 100% on my first go through. You can blame Foxcatcher – one of the very few movies in the past 15 years to get a Best Director nomination but not a Best Picture nod – for that.

The grids will reset every day, so you’ll always have a chance to flex your movie knowledge muscles and impress your group chats with just how much you know about Rotten Tomatoes scores. There are also various sports grids, too, should you know your Los Angeles Chargers from your Chelseas. Let’s just stick to cinema, eh?

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