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Image joins Diamond's 'Back the Comeback' with June 17's Gideon Falls & Family Tree

(Image credit: Diamond Comic Distributors)

Two of Jeff Lemire's Image Comics titles have joined in on Diamond Comic Distributors' 'Back the Comeback' campaign by adding the logo to their upcoming issues' covers.

The covers to June 17's Family Tree #6 and Gideon Falls #22 have been revised to add the logo. So far, these are the only Image titles to confirmed to be carrying the 'Back the Comeback' logo.

'Back the Comeback' is a multi-part initiative launched by Diamond intended to stoke interest in the resumption of comics distribution following the COVID-19 shutdown. As part of the campaign, comic book publishers serviced by Diamond are encouraged to carry the 'Back the Comeback' logo on their covers like Family Tree #6 and Gideon Falls #22, with Diamond hoping these will be seen as "pandemic era" collectibles.

As part of 'Back the Comeback,' Geppi and Diamond will be raising funds for the Book Industry Charitable Fund (BINC), the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), and the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund (a charity for gaming stores) with shirt sales and a collectibles auction. The auction will be handed by Diamond's sister company, Diamond International Galleries - and seeded by over $50,000 in items donated from Geppi's personal collection. The auction is scheduled for July / August, with each auction winner choosing which charity the funds will go towards.

"I do believe our comeback will be bigger than our setback," Diamond founder/CEO Steve Geppi told Newsarama. "Setbacks are always negative, but driving us now is the knowledge that our comeback will be awesome."

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