If you want the full Mass Effect Andromeda story there are four new books you’ll have to read

Four Mass Effect Andromeda novelisations are on the way promising to be canonical to the main game and “answer the many questions fans have been asking”.

The first book will be out in August and is called either Initiative or Initiation depending on whether you believe the press release or the cover. Here’s the core info

If these do  “become part of the overarching Mass Effect saga” then you can expect to have to read them all to fill in the gaps. Especially with that “focus on key characters” - the series has a habit of building really interesting people/aliens/things and then only hinting at a backstory. 

Perhaps the most telling part of this is that last book’s author. Presumably that’s the same Mac Walter’s as the creative director for the franchise. If he’s on writing duty for the conclusion then it suggests that something big needs handling for the end. 

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