id looking at Quake Arena on DS

Nov 19, 2007

id Software's John Carmack has revealed the developer is looking to bring two of its major IPs to Nintendo DS as part of a foray into the mobile market.

"...we're currently looking at potentially two more DS titles in the next year; a Wolfenstein title and a Quake Arena title. Wolfenstein 1 being done in concert with a mobile title, the Quake Arena title would be DS specific," the coding genius said in a recent interview with

Talking further about Quake Arena on DS and id's plan to bring its IPs to handheld/mobile in general, Carmack explained how the games will be specifically 'tuned' to the platforms:

"We're never going to try and cram a square peg into a round hole with this. That's kind of our whole theory behind the mobile stuff, is, we're going to do things that work well on mobile, rather than try to do the things that we're historically known for and push it onto mobile"

id Mobile, the studio set up for the developer's mobile/handheld venture, was unveiled last week.

Courtesy of CVG.