I Still Know What You Did Last Summer review

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Been there, seen that, stabbed her... The sequel to the mildly entertaining I Know What You Did Last Summer is proof (if any was needed after the tepid Urban Legend) that the rot has finally set in for the '90s slasher caper. The Kevin Williamson-penned original gave us Scream without the laughs; the follow-up gives us I Know What You Did... without Kevin Williamson.

Helmer Danny Cannon (Judge Dredd) has obviously blown the dust off his copy of How To Make An Audience Jump and taken a quick flick through Making Scary Films : Everything You Needed To Know... And More!!!. Every five minutes there's a Made You Jump! moment. Every scene oscillates between Love Hewitt giggling girlishly and screeching squealishly. There's a `surprise' bad guy, who makes the obligatory Here Is My Motivation speech before being wasted. There's a clutch of paper-thin characters who each wear a big hat with "VICTIM" written on it in flashing neon and they're all killed off one... by one... by one... Oh, and there's even a thunderstorm raging in the background while the slightly peeved Fisherman shuffles around the resort with his homicidal-hook thingy.

Love Hewitt is, as ever, pleasantly pert, but her watery-eyed performance will encourage only stifled yawns from the audience, especially when she's being wooed by the token sub-Cruise nice boy (Matthew Settle). Meanwhile Brandy - - not doing her burgeoning acting career any favours - - does `sassy' and says ""girl"" a lot.

But, while I Still Know... is not that great, it's no disaster either. It's a workmanlike production which sticks to the genre rules like a bluebottle on flypaper. The only people it has any chance of thrilling, though, are slasher-flick first-timers, still unfamiliar with the tricks of the trade. But, after two Screams, seven Halloweens and nine Friday The 13ths, there aren't too many of them left.

More of the same from the Master Of Mediocre, Danny Cannon. But while everything's in the right place (attractive teens, unpleasant deaths, insane killers), none of it's presented interestingly enough to warrant jumping into this particular bloodbath.

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