I Got Next: Silent Hill versus the escape room producer

Not all escape rooms are outwardly horrifying. For every one where you're on a timer before zombies start pouring in through the windows, there are five more that are stylistically bare. Some are devoid of affect, all sterile simplicity devised to focus on pure puzzling. Even without the gore and the supernatural terrors, though, there's something inherently unsettling about them. Confined with no clear way out but your wits, attractions like Scrap's Real Escape Room elicit a delicious panic.

Which is why Silent Hill 4: The Room remains a dark horse favorite in Konami's classic horror series. Unlike its predecessors, The Room locks you up in a bad place just like Scrap does. Since we like scaring the crap out of ourselves as much as the next poor sap, we're revisiting The Room and bringing along Doc Preuss for the ride. Doc is the producer behind Scrap's Real Escape Game and he'll be discussing precisely how you go about trapping people for fun. It's all going down at 3:30PM ET/12:30 PM PT right here.

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