I did not expect this plant dating sim to get so spicy

Kinder World Take me or Leaf Me
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In honor of Valentine's Day, an indie developer has released a dating sim spin-off game that will have you flirting with houseplants and calling them daddy - yeah, you read that right. 

Indie studio Lumi Interactive has released a free browser game inspired by its other game, Kinder World. In Kinder World, players can work on their mental well-being by taking care of a variety of digital house plants and engaging in other calming activities. For Valentine's Day, the developer has rolled out a spin-off game titled Take Me or Leaf Me which instead has players talking to four different house plants and deciding which one to take home with them. 

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The thing is, Take Me or Leaf Me isn't quite as wholesome as Kinder World - Lumi Interactive isn't here to mess around. Shortly after the game starts we're presented with four plants, a Monstera, a Pink Princess Philodendron, a Dragon Tail Philodendron, and finally a Pliea. Each plant has its own personality as well as a human counterpart, all of which look like they've just walked out of another dating sim.

It's then up to the player to chat with each of the plants to decide which one deserves to go on a date be bought from the plant store. Instead of talking about things like the weather or what plant food is good at the moment though, players are instead encouraged to ask things like 'how do you feel about propagation?', 'what's your favorite way to be watered?' or 'do you believe in aliens?' as well as do things like compliment their bodies. Which I was not expecting, considering the developer's other very tame game. 

Take Me or Leaf Me only lasts around 15-20 minutes depending on how much you speak to each of the plants and has up to six different endings, meaning you've basically got a fully-fledged dating sim ready to play this Valentine's Day. 

Lumi Interactive isn't the only developer releasing a random dating sim for the occasion either. Overwatch 2 developer Blizzard has also released a free limited-time browser game called Loverwatch, which has much of the same gameplay except with Overwatch heroes instead of plants. We'll let you decide which ones you want to romance first. 

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