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HyperX Clutch
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Overall, the HyperX Clutch Wireless is an amazing controller which works wirelessly with both mobile and PC and still provides you with the familiarity and comfort of playing on console.


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    Can be used on mobile and PC

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    Great value for money

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    Comes with phone clip


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    Not compatible with Apple's iPhone

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The HyperX Clutch is a wireless controller which is mobile ready and can also be used with a PC. It is asymmetrical, with a standard Xbox controller style layout. This genuinely one of the best controllers I have ever used and I would even go as far to say that it has earnt its place among the best PC controllers available right now.

This is genuinely one of the best value for money products you'll find when on the lookout for a controller. It works wirelessly via Bluetooth with any Android mobile device and is also compatible with PC via a 2.4ghz connector or wired play. It comes in at just $50 and often goes on sale for $40, making it amazing value given some of the features. These include a removable mobile clip, rechargeable battery and a textured ergonomic design. 


HyperX Clutch

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The HyperX Clutch Wireless is slightly smaller than other standard controllers which definitely contributes to the portability. One thing that I'm not the biggest fan of is how light the controller feels - this isn't necessarily a negative as, again, this contributes to the portability. However, when using the controller the lack of weight can make it feel like a cheap product. 

There are four buttons and a home button in the center of the controller and above these are four lights which can indicate what player you are or your battery level if you are playing single player. This is super handy to know at a glance. A small slider at the bottom of the controller allows you to switch between different connections to make it easier to use. The options are Bluetooth, 2.4G or wired. 

The actual shape of the gamepad is standard but feels so much more comfortable than a normal Xbox controller. This may be because it's slightly smaller, and so fits in my hands better. However, this could also be down to the ergonomic grips on the side. These are very soft and pleasant and prevent as it from slipping out of your hands. Although a small addition, these grips are great. 

HyperX Clutch

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Now to the greatest design feature of this controller; the removable mobile clip. This additional extra feels more durable than others I've tested and can be used as a phone stand on its own as well. It slots straight into the gamepad very easily with no tools or any extras needed. Not only that, but there's still space to charge while using the clip - something missing from other models.

The included 2m USB-C charging cable can also be used to wire up your connection to PC. The battery life is meant to come in at around 19 hours and this does ring true through playtesting.

Although relatively simple in design, this is to be expected from a controller at this price point.

HyperX Clutch

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While you won't find too many additional features in the HyperX Clutch Wireless, the ones that are on offer are outstanding considering the value for money they provide. 

The main feature of this product is the fact that it is compatible with both Android mobile phones and PCs and can be switched between the two very easily making it amazing for cloud gaming. It works with Bluetooth making it very simple to connect to your phone. Included in the box is a 2.4G receiver which allows you to use the controller wirelessly with PC too. It's worth noting that you cannot use the Bluetooth functionality with any Bluetooth ready device - my PC has a Bluetooth adaptor but it wouldn't connect. 

HyperX Clutch

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The fact a controller this cheap can be used wirelessly on both mobile and PC is a great step forward when compared to other models at this price point. For example the SteelSeries Stratus+, which comes in at $/£60, allows for wireless play with mobile but then has to be used wired if being used with PC. The Clutch Wireless, however, still isn't compatible with Apple products meaning us iPhone users are really missing out - this is such a great product and I wish I could use it at my main mobile controller.

Battery life is significantly lower than the SteelSeries Stratus+, which is closer to 90 hours. However, for wireless controllers in general, 19 hours is pretty good - the DualSense is around four to eight hours. It charges relatively quickly but it doesn't state anywhere that it actually is a 'fast-charger'.

You'll also find clickable joysticks. This is industry standard for console and PC controllers but is something which can be harder to find with mobile controllers. This is great for people who are already familiar with console as it allows for you to continue playing the games you know and love with the same inputs.

HyperX Clutch

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The buttons, D-pad, joysticks and triggers all feel very familiar as they are the same as the Xbox wireless controller. Although nothing special, they get the job done well. They don't feel particularly tactile, just like standard buttons. 

The clickable joysticks mean I don't feel restricted  and can transition from playing on console to mobile much easier. The actuation point of the joysticks was very satisfying, there was no way to accidentally push them in but if you wanted to use them you could do so with ease. The process of connecting the controller is super easy, sometimes when using Bluetooth or wireless capabilities you can run into some issues but nothing of the sort was present with the HyperX Clutch.

The mobile clip was extremely sturdy, even when moving around there was no wobbling. The fact that it is very easily removable means you can transition from mobile to PC gaming super easily. It also means you can very quickly pack the controller away if you are on the go. 

I performed just as well in games with this controller as I do when using my regular controller on PC which goes to show that having a controller really does make a difference when playing games on mobile. This controller will not hold you back in any way but if you're looking for some more advanced features, it may be worth looking elsewhere. 

There were absolutely no downsides when I was using this controller, it performed amazingly and all of the features worked well and as-intended. 

HyperX Clutch

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Should you buy the HyperX Clutch?

Overall, this is an amazing controller, which works wirelessly with both mobile and PC and still provides you with the familiarity and comfort of playing on console. If you are looking for a controller for either mobile or PC then this could be a great option, if you need one that works with both then you absolutely have to consider this. For just $50 you get a controller with a decent battery life and wireless capabilities. That's perfect for anyone just dipping in and out of both mobile and PC play, though we would recommend something with more specialist features if you're going pro.

The only thing holding me back from giving this controller full marks is the fact that it is not compatible with Apple's iPhone which excludes a massive market of gamers. I hope this is something that HyperX will take into account when designing any future mobile controllers. 

How we tested the HyperX Clutch Wireless controller

I tested all the features with the HyperX Clutch on both mobile and PC to ensure I was able to understand how it worked with both. I tried multiple different games from different genres to understand how the controller worked with each of them. I also paid close attention to the durability of each of the inputs, from triggers to the switch to change the connectivity, for an understanding of how the Clutch Wireless will hold up in the long term. 

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