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Hurry! This $180 Switch Lite Cyber Week deal won't last long

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Nintendo Switch Cyber Week deals are becoming rarer and rarer, and that makes this eBay Switch Lite deal an especially great find. While supplies last, you can get a yellow or grey Switch lite on eBay for just $180, a solid $20 off the list price. The turquoise model is already sold out, and at this price, you can bet the others won't last long either. 

Nintendo Switch Lite | $180 on eBay (save $20)

Nintendo Switch Lite | $180 on eBay (save $20)
Get the new, handheld-only Switch in yellow or grey for a healthy 10% off. For the system alone - no bundle - this is one of the best prices we've ever seen.  

As we said in our Nintendo Switch Lite review, the revised version of the console is a lightweight bundle of joy. It's smaller, lighter, has an improved D-Pad, and gets significantly better battery life than the base Switch. The Switch Lite was designed explicitly with handheld play in mind, so you can basically treat it like a big DS that only plays Switch games. As our reviewer put it:

"It offers all the Switch's best games in one delightfully compact package and should appeal to anyone whose Switch dock is gathering dust right now. It might not have all the gimmicks and gizmos of the classic Switch, but for those who like to experience their Switch games solo and from the comfort of wherever they damn well please, this is going to be an easy sell." 

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